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  • Kid Friendly: Cavapoos are gentle with young children and easily learn to bite softly when playing.

​Cavapoos are sweet, gentle, playful, loving, intelligent, obedient and social animals. In our opinion, they are the best mixed breed for families and children. They bring out the very best from their parent breeds and are combined into a dog that can fit into almost any family dynamic.

  • Hypo-allergenic: Those who are allergic to dogs find cavapoos to be very tolerable to be around. 
    Non-shedding: You won’t be picking dog hair off your clothes or trying to vacuum it off your furniture.

  • Durable: They inherited the thick bones and muscles of the cavalier, so they can hang with kids and larger dogs with less danger of injury than a poodle.

  • Playful and Energetic: Cavapoos love to play tug of war, chew on toys, and chase and romp in the yard.


  • Social: Cavapoos need affection and attention, and don’t like being left alone too long. They tend to whine or howl when they are lonely for too long.

  • Smart and eager to learn: Cavapoos are easily taught tricks and boundaries, as they want to please their family members.

  • Expert Cuddlers: Cavapoos know how to chill, and will want to be either on a lap or sitting next to someone when it is time to rest or take a nap.

We have been breeding poodles since 2017 and cavapoos since 2018. We breed cavapoos and poodles because we love them and we want others to experience the joy of having a cavapoo. Our females are our pets and just as much a part of our family as our own children.



In order for families to have the opportunity to have these beautiful and loving dogs in their homes, breeders are necessary, but breeders must assume the responsibility of ensuring that all dogs in their breeding program are treated with kindness and love, and that is exactly what we do.

Unfortunately, there a lot of bad breeders out there -- we have seen it. We pledge that our dogs are loved pets that are not kept in cages or in a garage.We love the puppy culture curriculum and apply many of their practices as we help raise these pups. Our puppies receive the affection, love, and warmth they need to thrive and be happy. They are kept in our home. We feed our dogs only the best food and treats.

During the day our mommas free to do what they want: stay inside or use the doggy door to go outside and play. At night, some of them sleep in crates together and some sleep in human beds. We believe in positive reinforcement techniques for training and never scold or hit our dogs. With us, you can be sure that you are not contributing to the ever growing puppy mill problem. 

We provide a very robust 12-month health warranty (view here) with each dog we sell. You will also beable to receive 30 days free puppy insurance.  We also have a documentation page where all documents we provide to customers can be viewed and downloaded by the public.

We interview prospective customers to ensure they understand what cavapoos and poodles need prior to purchase, because we care about the future of the dog more than anything else. We provide information on crate training, house training, and other important things.

We hope you enjoy looking at our site and learn a lot about these wonderful dogs. Check us out on Instagram          for updates.

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